Janosik Tour


Program " Jánošík Tour"

In the morning bus departure from Poprad to Bytča Castle from the 16th century, where we will see where Jánošik first met the bandit Tomas Uhorcik and also where the trial of the helpers of the legendary Alzbeta Batoriova, the Lady of Cachtice, took place on January 7, 1611. Then we move to the birthplace of Janosik - Terchova. We will visit the native settlement of Janosov, where in 1688 little Janosik saw the light of day, and his statue, which towers above Terchová. After a tasty lunch in Terchova we will get to Liptovsky Mikulas via Valaska Dubova and visit the Janko Kráľ Museum and Janosik's torture chamber, we will pass by the place where he was hanged on the gallows in 1713 and on the way back to Poprad we will pass by the approximate place where he ambushed the widow of the imperial officer Schardon in 1712.

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